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ONGOING – VITE MIGRATE. We are all migrants -TODOS SOMOS MIGRANTES (if not you, your parents, or your grandparents, the great-grandfathers, surely your great-great-grandfathers…)

This statement can create different reactions, not everyone feels that they can or want to call themselves migrants.

Vite Migrate is a series of workshop-experiences in which participants are invited to connect with their own experience of migration, sharing memories and emotions with the group through personal photographs.

Each participant has the possibility to recognise something new about his/her experience, find common points between their experience and those of others, or simply get to know something more about the life of the person who sit next to them.

Project by: Manuela Luise
Location: various
Previous session: June 2019 Rete Donne Berlin

This topic can also be developed into individual sessions as a Therapeutic Photography proposal.

Click to see the images and read some stories from Chapter I on Italian women’s migration to Berlin.

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