Participatory Photography

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Phototherapy and photography in general can and should be used in youth work and with communities to pursue different targets.

This is sometimes called Participatory Photographya creative modality that asks participants to represent and analyse themselves using photography.

On the one hand, Phototherapy can help the participants express themselves and get to know the hidden, not obvious aspects of their personality.
This is particularly relevant during adolescence when the formation of identity is a core problem.

On the other hand, Phototherapy and photography can also be used as an empowering tool for youth & communities:
>to tell their own story,
>to communicate without words and show their life, their environment and their relationships by taking pictures of them.

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Past Projects

2017Storie dal quartiere

#storiedalquartiere (stories from the block) is a creative project on the memories and identity of a territory.

It refers to the model of participatory social art, and uses the collaboration of local people to create an emotional map.

The project aims to highlight and create collective memories researching individual memories and those of the place to share them together in a new form.

Various media are used to carry out this research especially photography and video interviews. The starting point is an investigation; the objective an installation, through which #storiedalquartiere returns the collected materials to the public.

In 2017 #storiedalquartiere worked on Testaccio, an old neighbourhood in the city of Rome.

Some of the results of this research were presented in December 2017 at MACRO di Testaccio as part of the exhibition EMERGING TALENTS.

storiedalquartiere – facebook & instagram: storiedalquartiere
creative team : Alessandra Quadri, Manuela Luise, Riccardo Dogana 

Workshop for Kids&Teens

2015: Ich spreche: FOTO! Devising and running a photography workshop in collaboration with the Art Center “Gérard Philipe“

Working for a week with a group of 8-11year olds boys and girls.

2013: Looking Beyond. Devising and running photography workshops in collaboration with the non-profit organisation Shoot4Change. 

Working with two groups of 13-15 year olds from different ethnic and social background, in two youth care centres in the outskirts of Milan.

2009: ZOOM IN! Mentoring two teenagers doing their week of work placement in the charity.

Devising and running a photography workshop:
introducing them to medium format cameras: light reading, composing, setting the camera, shooting. Creating a small project by guiding them through post production: developing and printing in the dark room, editing, mounting.

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