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My basic approach to observing people is humanistic.
My training in Art Therapy is Gestalt-based.

The humanistic approach focuses on the person by seeing him or her as a whole: feelings, mind, body and soul. I therefore start from the assumption that each person develops an active self.

All our actions (all mental and physical activities) are geared towards providing structure and meaning and fulfilling our basic needs.

Another fundamental driving force of our organism, is the need for self-fulfilment, i.e. we strive to grow and develop.

Type of humanistic therapy are:
-Carl Rogers’ non-directive psychology;
-Fritz Perls’ Gestalt;
-Yalom’s existentialist psychology;
-Lowen’s psycho-corporeal approach;
-Moreno’s psychodrama;

Gestalt therapy is holistic and humanistic and starts from the ‘here and now’ of experience. It is based on methods and theories from dynamic psychology.

In my individual and group sessions I like to use models and methods from Gestalt therapy, dynamic psychology, behavioural therapy and systemic therapy.

This means that I work according to the principles of integrative psychotherapy: this approach and the different methods allow me to fully meet the individual needs of my clients.

In addition to therapeutic dialogue, exercises and creative media, which activate experience, can help us learn new things about ourselves.

The creative tool I use at most is photography.

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Potential areas of application:

>Relational stress (family, partner, social)
>Professional stress
>Changes (migration, expat life, coliving, work, parenting… )
>Life crisis (separation, end of a relationship, illness, bereavement…)
>Self-esteem and self-acceptance problems
>Development of personality

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