Creative Therapy in Berlin

Hello & Welcome

❤️‍🩹 You are not alone 👥 Coping with psychological or social problems can be very difficult to achieve

Hi! I am Manuela Luise, qualified non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy (German HPP) and art therapist.

Helping people to feel better about themselves and to feel safe and connected to others is my greatest desire.

I offer help through therapeutic dialogue and visual techniques.

What's on?

April-May 2024 : Art Therapy Group Sessions

We are all migrants in our own way. We leave our nest and explore the unfamiliar, fuelled by an insatiable yearning. Each step leads us to unknown territories, where we might seek to plant new roots. Maybe you’re going through it now, or perhaps your family have walked this path.

Vite Migrate  is a series of art therapy group sessions in which participants are invited to connect with their own experience of migration and elaborate their memories, emotions and self image through the exchange with the group.

What do I offer?

  • Relational stress 
(family, partner, social)
  • Professional stress
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem & self-acceptance
  • Personality development
  • Life crisis
  • Changes 
  • Jealousy, Neediness, Pursuer-Whitdrawer.
  • Relational stress 
(partner, children, in-law )
  • Changes 
(migration, expat life, co-living, work, parenting, polyamory)
  • Life crisis 
(separation, end of a relationship, illness, bereavement)
  • Intercultural Relationship
  • Identity
  • Migration
  • Grief & loss
  • Self-esteem
  • Rage

At the company, online, in my office. 

How does it work?


Get in contact by writing me an email at


We meet for a 35 minutes introductory session whose purpose is for you to see how you feel talking to me and address any question you may have.I will explain you how I work and ask you few questions about yourself and your needs.


If you decide to start this journey with me, we will meet once per week for 60 minutes. You will define the goals while I take care of the process and methods in a context where you can feel safe and free to express yourself and explore your emotions.

Where to find me

I am currently offering sessions for individuals and couples online and at Praxiskreis: Ebelingstraße 14a | 10249 Berlin-Friedrichshain. You can access the practice only upon appointment

► 3 Min. from the Tram-stop (Straßmannstr.) M10

► 7 Min. from the Tram-stop (Landsberger Allee /Petersburger Str.) M5, M6 und M8

12 Min. from S-Bhf. Landsberger Allee (S41, S42, S8, S9) 

Car. Ebelingstraße is a one-way street (entrance from Petersburger Str.) and is located in a free parking zone.


As a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin for Psychotherapie),  the costs of my sessions are unfortunately not covered by the public German health insurance. Thus the client usually has to pay the cost themselves.

Alternatively, private health insurances sometimes bear the whole or partial cost for the individual therapy. Please investigate your own insurance situation.

An initial contact via email or phone to fix an appointment is generally free of charge. Any further sessions will be charged as depicted in the table.

Healing activities are exempt from VAT according to § 4 No. 14 UStG. This means that there won’t be extra costs for you.

Please cancel If you are unable to make the appointment at least 24 hours in advance or request an alternative appointment, otherwise the total cost of the session will be charged.

What is my method? What is art therapy? What is my background?

Art Therapy