VITE MIGRATE: a Journey of Connection and Discovery

In this series of art therapy group sessions participants are encouraged to explore their migration experience, sharing memories, emotions, and self-perceptions within the supportive environment of the group.

  • Through guided prompts and reflective exercises we will explore personal and familial migration stories and cultivate empathy for different narratives.
  • Using art materials such as collage, paint, and mixed media, we will uncover layers of identity connected to migration and we will share these stories within a supportive environment.
  • We will explore the emotional aspects of migration, addressing feelings of loss, displacement, or cultural transition.
  • Through collaborative exercises, we visualise aspirations and goals for the future. By integrating past experiences with present strengths, we can renew a sense of purpose and a tangible roadmap for a journey of self-discovery and belonging.

Does it sound interesting?

Contact me to arrange a short online session with me. During this 15 minutes one to one session I can address any question you might have. Having the chance to meet me before the workshops might also help you feeling more relaxed when joining the group.​


Praxiskreis: Ebelingstraße 14a 10249 Berlin


New group starting in October 2024


5:30pm – 7:30pm


  • Bridges of Understanding


  • Roots of Identity
  • Healing Through Expression
  • Mapping our journeys forward


  1. Get in contact via email
  2. Meet me online for a 15m one to one intro session
  3. Register & Pay (see FAQ for costs)
  4. Join the group session


No special skills are requested to take part to any of the workshops. Creative media are used to facilitate the access to personal stories, memories and emotions.
Find out more about art therapy

This group has no therapeutic end. Yet, we will be handling  precious personal material: memories and emotions.

In case you need help processing your personal history and the emotions that emerge while connecting to it, contact me for an individual counselling session.

If you are interested but cannot attend in March and April or the sessions are sold out, I still invite you to contact me to organise a 15-minute session. There is always the possibility of attending if someone cancels and depending on the number of requests a new series of Vite Migrate can be organised.

  • For PART I : Bridges of Understanding the costs is 20€
  • Reserve your place for PART II total cost for 3 workshops: 100€
  • Early bird discount PART I +PART II till 30Th of September 2024: 100€ 
  • There is not a separate price per individual workshop of PART II. The total price is applied.  

After we have met online, you can proceed registering and paying via bank transfer or PayPal.

You can join the first workshop Bridges of Understanding without registering for PART II

If you decide to attend PART II you will register for all three workshops.

This means migrated lives.
In migrating we transfer bodies, houses, jobs, knowledge, cultures, relationships, memories, emotions: our lives.
This project began 6 years ago with an art therapy group activity offered to a group of Italian women who had migrated to Germany. This developed in a series of individual meetings with several migrant women mediated through photographic portraits in which they took the space to narrate their migration story and express their idea of roots.